Because we love

what we do

We are lovers of good food, good wine, good music, we are lovers of life and cheerful and carefree air that characterizes the Ibizan atmosphere. From the aperitif to the after dinner you enter our house and enjoy our Tapas, in perfect Spanish style, accompanied by a glass of wine or a cocktail from our drink list. We are here, welcoming you with a smile, caliente, like friends do, as would happen in IBIZA

From the dispassionate love for Spain, IBZ is born, a concept more than a place in the heart of Centocelle. From design to offer everything here speaks Ibicenco.

Raw and cooked tapas of meat, fish and vegetables, and then cold cuts, jamon iberico, chorizo and cheeses, accompanied by tasty sauces. From IBZ patanegra and tortillas, patatas bravas, they can be enjoyed at any time.

In combination with each dish chosen, a careful and careful selection of Spanish wines and the inevitable Sangria.

A must try is the traditional HIERBAS Ibiza liqueur.

From the impact counter that affects the view of each client from the entrance, the IBZ barmen then propose a quality drink list, where the mixology is based on a careful selection of each Spirits; from Gin, Whiskey and Rum to Brandy, Sherry and Tequila Premium Quality.

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